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At The Online Virtual School India, we follow :


  • detailed & structured syllabus for each class & for each subject ~ LKG to XII ~ No more of random online education.

  • Our Online centre provides multiple & adequate activities for the child to keep them positively engaged 

  • At The Virtual School India, adequate preparation to face the Board examinations with confidence ~ Boards are just another positive challenge to enjoy .

  • The Virtual School India follows detailed Lesson plans to school ensure a structured approach to your child’s education 

  • Our online teaching - learning approach adopts the very best from NLP, TA & MI. Further to optimize the effectiveness,we utilise modern learning - teaching styles like VAK ,Flipped Classroom & Crossover Learning.

  • Students are actively encouraged to participate in our unique initiatives like online competitions, India's First & Only K12 Virtual Magazine - Melange,etc

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