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1. My child is already in a regular school. Can I simultaneously enrol her at The Virtual School India (TVSI)?

While ideally it would be in yours & the child’s interest to be enrolled solely at TVSI, we do permit simultaneous enrolment for the current academic year.

2. Will you issue a TC if required & is the same accepted all over?

Yes a TC is issued on request.

We have had no issues regarding its acceptance.

However,please verify the requirements of each institution individually.

As a coaching & admission academy please note that the TC will not have the SATS number

3. We have 2 children but only one laptop at home. Do I have to procure another one?

That would be ideal. But if not possible immediately, remember, a mobile will also be sufficient.

4. For which Board examination do students of TVSI appear? Is it valid for further studies?

Most students of TVSI appear for their class X & XII Board examination through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), Govt of India. Students also have the option of appearing for the Cambridge Board examination.

Both these Boards are well recognised & students passing from these boards will be accepted for further studies in India/abroad.

5. Will they face any challenges when seeking employment?

Not at all. As far as recognition goes, please remember that the NIOS Board is directly under the Govt of India. As far as preparation for employment goes, TVSI students are better prepared for employment & fare far superior in their jobs than their peers. We prepare them for Life & not just success in their Board examinations.

6. How do TVSI students, fare in the Board examinations?

Our teaching pedagogy using NLP, MI & TA ensures that our students retain most of what they learn during the regular sessions. They also have the unique opportunity of attending the daily revision classes where what they have been taught during their regular class session is further dealt with for emphasis, questions asked & answered & periodic worksheets given & evaluated. Our thorough preparation for the Board examination ensures that students excel in these exams without unhealthy stress/pressure. For our students Boards are just another challenge to confidently face & successfully overcome.

7. Being an instituion of International standards, I suppose the fees also may be high

We have a very pleasant surprise for you here. Though our standards are at/above international levels, our fees are very pocket friendly. Why, they are less than the fees payable at regular institutions. You even can avail of a discount if paid in full.

8. Can the fees be paid in instalments & is it refundable?

The fees can definitely be paid in instalments.

However,fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances. 

9. Besides the regular compulsory subjects, does TVSI offer anything else to the students?

Yes. We offer an array of additional workshops/courses in many fields such as : Photography/Soft Skills/Journalism/the Stock Market/Careers as Airhostess – Flight Steward/Law/Spelling Bee/Spoken & Written English fluency/ Drawing & Sketching.

10. I am currently homeschooling my child.How can TVSI help me?

TVSI has been a boon to homeschoolers & their parents. By enrolling your child at TVSI,you are able to access the much needed resources,ensure a disciplined & structured approach,take care of Board related matters & also make available the much needed social interaction for your child,among several other advantages.

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