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At TVSI the integration between the virtual & real is so smoothly done that the student child gets to experience the best of both worlds.


Virtual or Online Schooling is the future. One can only delay it, but as international trends, particularly from the advanced countries reveal, one cannot certainly avoid Virtual Schooling.

Online Learning at The Virtual School India is a boon & blessing to both parents & children.

We are registered with the Govt of Karnataka (Regn No.23/27/CE/0654 /2009) as a training & coaching educational institution & also have been into teachers' training & virtual open education for decades.

Our online or virtual students are given the option of choosing from recognised & well established Boards - the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS),established by the Govt of India or the international Cambridge  Board or even the NCERT syllabus. 

Students graduating from here at the 10th/12th Class levels are at par with students who have graduated from other boards such as CBSE/ICSE/State Boards & are eligible for higher education in India/Abroad & further, for employment in India/abroad for all jobs including Govt jobs.

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