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Even as we go through these uncertain times of the pandemic - Covid19, we understand that parents are faced with very difficult choices :

Should they :

  • Send their precious ones to school praying that their child somehow escapes the virus

  • Wait for nil Covid cases – No new strains

  • Wait for a vaccine to be administered to their children & then see what happens

  • Keep the children at home


None of the above choices are what any parent will desire.
Each come with their own heavy cost.

  • For example, sending our precious children to school is fraught with the very real danger of them contracting the dreaded Virus - even if it's only your child who does so.

  • Even administering the vaccine to them has its own danger & uncertainty. When will a 100% effective & safe vaccine be really possible for your child, if at all? Further, one needs to be aware that till date a child - friendly vaccine for all ages is still not available. 

  • What about side effects? After all this vaccine is being given for the very first time in history. Do we take the risk & pray for no side effects for our child?

  • We are also aware that none of the vaccines are 100% effective. This means that despite taking the vaccine, your child may still contract the Virus. There is nothing like 100% protection.

  • The prolonged absence from positively keeping the children engaged has already done heavy damage to the psyche of the children. It may become irreversible. Counselling could be needed later. Keeping them away for an indefinite period could cause serious psychological harm.

  • Further,their cognitive skills are in real danger of being impaired. Many are already struggling with basic skills like writing & reading. At TVSI we encourage regular reading & help the children to constantly continue to put pen to paper. We realise the importance of writing skills & provide the children with ample opportunities to write instead of using the keyboard.

  • Losing a year of academics will result in an irreversible loss.

  • Pressure to make up for the lost time can be immense.


We offer every Parent a very Safe, Positive & Practically Viable Solution.

World Class Online Virtual Schooling leading the child to appear for Nationally & even Internationally Recognised Board Examinations – The Govt of India, NIOS Board or the Internationally acclaimed Cambridge Board.


Thus now :

  • You can now keep your children totally safe from the virus

  • Children are kept productively occupied

  • They do not lose out on keeping pace with their academic requirements. Their schooling goes on without any disruption.

  • They do not miss out on interaction with teaching professionals & their own peers

  • Their healthy competitiveness remains

  • PLUS

  • Parents get all this at a fraction of the fees that normal traditional schools charge.

  • We offer World Class Alternate Education at Pocket Friendly Fees.



Do not hesitate to call us at 98862 129 69 / 73380 461 78 / 91-080-2542 34 17 

for help/assistance.

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