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To choose or not to choose the right path-the only way is the virtual way of learning.

The debate of whether online schooling is preferable to traditional schooling is a never-ending one. The pandemic has certainly brought us to the real question of which model of schooling is better. Traditional schooling as the name suggests is traditional in nature, online or as many call it virtual schooling is a mode of learning that is pragmatic. It teaches one the art of getting ‘two birds with one stone. Not only is one getting acquainted with textbook knowledge but there is room to learn other skills that one would otherwise not learn at a traditional school.

The main difference between not being able to do two things at once at a traditional school and the ability to master that skill online lies in the amount of spare yet productive time that students get when they opt for online schooling. The  humdrum of having to catch the school bus on time and then return tired after a long day provides little to no time and energy to students to be able to hone their skills in areas where they can truly excel. In today’s fast-paced world and the increasing amount of competition, it is imperative for students to discover their creative side along with accomplishing the task of

completing formal education.

Online schooling is proven to have better outcomes in developing whole personalities of students solely because there is less pressure, it is not as intimidating to its students, and there is the freedom to unleash their potential from the comfort of their homes. It certainly is the preferred mode of learning for students and individuals who want to unlock and discover the different parts of their personality and have a laid back attitude with the security that while learning about all that is going around the world they will also be equipped to deal with that "real-world" when the time comes.

Online schooling is the right and only option for students who choose to take the road not taken by others.

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